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Starting a new franchise can be one of the most exciting and challenging stages in your business’s growth. The transition from entrepreneur to franchisor is extremely challenging, as owning a business and running a franchise are two very different business models, each with their own risks and obstacles. Winmark Franchise Partners works with emerging franchise brands and startups who have demonstrated solid leadership, strong management acumen, profitable unit level economics and a commitment to brand growth. As your franchise advisor working with you in the early stages of your franchise development, we can help successfully guide your growth in a patient and disciplined manner as you adapt to the various risks and challenges that come with franchising.

Our team of franchise consultants is made up of experts in franchise operations, finance, sales, training, and marketing, led by top executives with decades of industry experience. We are highly experienced in the challenges companies face as they start their growth and learn how to run a highly profitable and successful franchise business.

Growing Your Brand

As a franchise, your brand message is very important. Understanding the need for a strong and consistent brand strategy is critical to achieving success in franchising. Making it more difficult is a franchised network of independently owned and operated businesses run by entrepreneurs who will all execute your brand strategy. Navigating that path and successfully getting all of those independent entrepreneurs executing the brand strategy in a similar fashion is key to long-term brand growth and consistent delivery of your brand promise to your consumer.

More importantly, understanding the growth needed to realize royalty self-sufficiency and securing the future of your brand and your franchise system is critical to surviving in the formative years. Having the appropriate strategy, executing to that plan and having the relevant level of capital investment are required before you begin your journey into franchising. Having a franchise consultant with relevant experience help you in that capacity is a wise investment.

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Types of services we can provide:

  • Franchise Feasibility Studies
    A Franchise Feasibility Study assesses the strengths and weaknesses of a business and determines whether it would be a strong franchise system. Winmark Franchise Partners is able to conduct this comprehensive study to determine if the franchising model is appropriate for your business before spending considerable dollars on setting up a franchise system.
  • Concept Development
    Winmark® has grown five distinct franchise concepts, including developing one brand from the ground up. Winmark Franchise Partners has the experience to work with you to create the foundation for a strong and stable concept that is attractive to potential franchise candidates and offers long-term success for investors. We serve as your franchise consultant in guiding your business from a small mom and pop unit to a successful franchise operation.
  • Design, Set Up, Monitoring of Pilot Operations
    Winmark Franchise Partners will work with you during each step of your franchise development of the operational aspects of your business and provide guidance and advice to build a strong foundation for your brand.
  • Creation of Operations & Procedure Manuals
    Operations manuals are critical to a successful franchise system. They outline the guidelines that franchisees follow to create the standards of the franchise system. Winmark Franchise Partners works with the leading Franchise Operations Manual expert in the franchising industry to create your manuals.
  • Designing & Managing Financial Controls
    Winmark is a publicly-held corporation with $1.2 billion in system-wide sales. Cost controls are critical when growing an emerging franchise business. Winmark Franchise Partners will review and provide recommendations setting up your financial systems and infrastructure as well as on cost control measures.

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  • Development of Franchise Sales Process & Department
    Having the right franchise sales people in place who have been educated on the right way to award a franchise is critical to your success as well as keeping your brand out of trouble. Winmark Franchise Partners will act as your franchise advisor, helping you develop, hire, train and audit your franchise sales people as well as design and construct the proper sales department for your brand.
  • Developing Franchise Packages
    Franchise marketing materials are important for attracting the right franchisees for your system. Winmark Franchise Partners has developed franchise packages for successful brands and has the expertise to help your franchise sales division in developing your message, key differentiators, and all of your collateral, including print, digital, and social.
  • Development of Franchise Infrastructure & Support Plan (Including Brand Marketing & Training)
    Winmark has grown five distinct franchise concepts. A comprehensive and thorough franchise infrastructure is critical for the long-term success of the company. Winmark Franchise Partners will serve as your franchise consultant and help you develop your franchise development foundation.
  • Development of Marketing Strategies & Plan Templates for Franchises
    Winmark has five franchise concepts that have developed franchise marketing materials specifically tailored to each brand, including comprehensive plans that involve digital and social assets, media buying, video production, public relations, electronic advertising, and local marketing. Winmark Franchise Partners will assist with reviewing and providing recommendations for your franchise development marketing materials.
  • Discovery Day Review & Assessment
    Discovery Day is when a prospective franchisee visits a franchise company and learns more about the brand operating model, the support, and the franchise system. It is a great way for the franchisor to learn more about a potential franchisee and the potential franchisee to get to know more about the franchisor and the support the company offers. Winmark Franchise Partners has developed an extensive and well-respected Discovery Day process and can serve as your franchise advisor in assisting you in your own Discovery Day development.
  • Advisory Board Formation
    Defined as a group of industry experts that provides non-binding strategic advice to the management of a corporation, the informal nature of an Advisory Board gives greater flexibility in structure and management compared to the Board of Directors. Advisory Boards are typically used for new or emerging brands. Winmark Franchise Partners can help set up and serve on your Advisory Board and recommend various industry experts who would be willing to be part of your Advisory Board.

Assessing Your Growth Capacity

Before exploring the possibility of franchising, you need to know if it is even the proper business model to grow your business. Not every successful business is right for franchising. Winmark Franchise Partners can help you assess your product or service and determine how it could benefit from franchise expansion.

In addition to the list above, our franchise consultants also assist entrepreneurs and emerging franchisors with:

  • Financing
  • Transaction services, including investment options, and acquisition strategies
  • Due diligence support
  • Strategic planning
  • Franchisee audits / compliance plans

We are partners with our franchisors, and we respect the direction they want to take their company. We provide them the keys to success in franchising while helping them continue to successfully execute the vision they had when they first started their business.

Do you feel like you are ready to start turning your business into a franchise? If so, partnering with us can help you achieve your vision. Call us today at (844) 452-4600 or contact us.

Why Winmark Franchise Partners

  • Our Expertise

    Our franchise expertise has led to rapid growth and proven successes.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Utilizing our industry experience to provide clarity and advice for clients.

  • Long-Term Commitment

    We build strong, lifelong partnerships with our franchise partners.

  • Financial Fortitude

    We provide investment capital and management services.

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