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Franchise Growth Strategies

Our Franchise Consultants Develop Dynamic Strategies

Once you’ve made a commitment to franchising, you undoubtedly have high expectations for your business. A successful franchise initiation is a thrilling experience, but it is very common for growth to stagnate before a company has reached its full potential.

Oftentimes, a lull in growth can be attributed to poor operational performance amongst existing franchisees, poor franchise validation in the network, increased competition, or a need to change your marketing strategy among other things.

With three decades of experience and $1.2 billion in system-wide sales, Winmark Franchise Partners® assists franchisors in identifying their issues and opportunities, and quickly and cost-efficiently remedying the situation to get back to a solid growth trajectory.

If you have a successful business and are confident it can reach new heights, we can help you achieve your goal. Our expertise and success in franchise unit-level economics and experience in franchise management and operations allow us to equip our franchise partners with valuable tools to overcome growth challenges.

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Strategic franchise growth development services are available. Some services include:

  • Advisory Board Formation
    Defined as a group of industry experts that provides non-binding strategic advice to the management of a corporation, the informal nature of an Advisory Board gives greater flexibility in structure and management compared to the Board of Directors. Advisory Boards are typically used for new or emerging brands. Winmark Franchise Partners can help set up and serve on your Advisory Board and recommend various industry experts who would be willing to be part of your Advisory Board.

  • Review & Monitoring of Pilot Operations
    Winmark® has grown five distinct franchise concepts, including developing one brand from the ground up. Winmark Franchise Partners will serve as your franchise consultant and work with you to review and monitor the operational aspects of your business and provide guidance and advice to build a strong foundation for your brand.

  • Designing & Managing Financial Controls
    Winmark is a publicly-held corporation with $1.2 billion in system-wide sales. Cost controls are critical when growing an emerging business. Winmark Franchise Partners will review and provide recommendations setting up your financial systems and infrastructure as well as on cost control measures.

  • Business Model Enhancement
    Winmark Corporation has five successful business models, each having a distinct target customer. We have operational experts on staff that can quickly define the gaps in your franchise business model and franchisee performance. Winmark Franchise Partners will utilize this expertise and review the business aspects of operations, revenue sources, customer base, and customer reviews.

  • Networking – Strategic Alliances
    Winmark Franchise Partners has forged many strategic alliances over our 30+ years in the franchising industry. Acting as your trusted franchise advisor, we will introduce you to many of these contacts who can help further your franchise business.

  • Forming Advantageous Vendor & Supply-Side Partnerships
    With 30+ years of history and a track record of success, we have worked with many vendor partners. Winmark Franchise Partners can assist with providing recommendations for forming partnerships with the right vendors and suppliers for your franchise business, saving you critical time and money in the process.

  • Overcoming Market & Industry Challenges
    Winmark Corporation is a 30+ year old company with over $1.2 billion in system-wide sales. We have overcome many challenges and have seen more than most franchisors in the industry first hand. As your trusted franchise consultant, Winmark Franchise Partners will help steer you clear of the obstacles that may be a challenge to your long-term brand health.

  • Public Relations
    Winmark Franchise Partners has forged a strategic alliance with an industry leader in the public relations arena and as your trusted franchise advisor will introduce you to this company who can help shape your public relations strategies in both franchise development as well as franchisee support.

  • Strategic Planning & Execution
    Winmark Franchise Partners can provide long-term strategic recommendations on how to improve your business or franchise system.

  • Due Diligence Support
    Winmark Franchise Partners can provide consultative support to investors, including Private Equity, in need of due diligence support on potential acquisitions.

Turning Your Franchise into a Household Name

It takes confidence in your brand to start a franchise, and watching your company evolve from a small business to a household name is an immensely rewarding experience. Provided you have the groundwork and drive for a successful franchise operation, Winmark Franchise Partners can help. We assist franchisors in identifying the weak points in their development plan and reformulating strategies to overcome obstacles.


  • Development of Franchise Sales Process & Department
    Having the right franchise sales people in place who have been educated on the right way to award a franchise is critical to your success as well as keeping your brand out of trouble. As your franchise consultant, Winmark Franchise Partners will help you develop, hire, train, and audit your franchise sales people as well as design and construct the proper sales department for your brand.

  • Refining Franchise Packages
    Franchise marketing materials are important for attracting the right franchisees for your system. Winmark Franchise Partners has developed franchise packages for successful brands and has the expertise to help your franchise sales division in refining your message, key differentiators, and all of your collateral, including print, digital, and social.

  • Audit of Current Sales Development Personnel
    Winmark Corporation has a strong and experienced franchise development department for our five successful franchised brands, having rewarded franchises to thousands of candidates over our 30 year history. We know what works and what will not work in franchise development, and what type of sales person will best fit your organization, culture, and brand. As your franchise advisor, Winmark Franchise Partners will conduct an audit of your franchise sales personnel and analyze their approach, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and determine what you need to do to improve the overall performance of the department.

  • Discovery Day Review & Assessment
    Discovery Day is when a prospective franchisee visits a franchise company and learns more about the brand operating model, the support, and the franchise system. It is a great way for the franchisor to learn more about a potential franchisee and the potential franchisee to get to know more about the franchisor and the support the company offers. Winmark Franchise Partners has developed an extensive and well respected Discovery Day process and as your franchise consultant can assist you in your own Discovery Day development.

  • Real Estate & Site Plan Development
    Winmark Franchise Partners has developed a strong real estate and site planning system. We can help you formulate the right territory strategy to provide your franchise partners with the demographics they will need to be successful, while providing you with an understanding of market potential. We are able to translate this knowledge and systems to your franchise system.

Why Winmark Franchise Partners

  • Our Expertise

    Our franchise expertise has led to rapid growth and proven successes.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Utilizing our industry experience to provide clarity and advice for clients.

  • Long-Term Commitment

    We build strong, lifelong partnerships with our franchise partners.

  • Financial Fortitude

    We provide investment capital and management services.

Discover Why We Should Partner

Improving Operations

One thing that often stops a franchise business from growing is outdated and/or inefficient operational procedures. What was right for a smaller franchise will not necessarily be right for a growing one. The further your franchise spreads, the more varied the needs of your franchisees and their employees become, and operations must reshape to fit these changes.

Below are some ways we can help make franchise operations more efficient and streamlined:

  • Review Operations & Procedure Manuals
    Franchise operations manuals are critical to a successful franchise system. They outline the guidelines that franchisees follow to create the standards of the system. Winmark Franchise Partners works with the leading Operations Manual expert in the franchising industry to create, improve, or enhance your franchise manuals.

  • Improving Operational & Overall Organizational Efficiency
    Winmark’s operations department is set up to support and assist over 800 franchisees and 1,250 locations, and we have been doing so successfully for over 30+ years. As your franchise advisor, Winmark Franchise Partners can provide recommendations on how you can improve your operations and system to get the most out of your franchise partners.

  • Increasing Unit-Level & System-Wide Profitability
    Winmark Franchise Partners has expertise and a long track record in increasing unit level economics focusing on increasing revenue and reducing costs to provide a more attractive profit and loss statement, and ultimately a more attractive return on investment to future franchise candidates.

  • Refining Your Franchise Infrastructure & Support Plan (Including Brand Marketing & Training)
    Winmark has grown five distinct franchise concepts. A comprehensive and thorough franchise infrastructure is critical for the long-term success of the company. As your franchise consultant, Winmark Franchise Partners will help you refine your franchise development foundation.

  • Franchisee Audits / Compliance Plans & Franchisee Relations
    Franchisees are critical to the success of your system. Winmark prides itself in having great franchisee relationships. Over the past decade, over 95% of our franchisees have renewed their franchise agreements, signing up for another 10 years as our franchise partners. Winmark Franchise Partners can audit your current franchisees and determine if they are in compliance with your system standards as well as gauge their level of success and happiness with the franchisor and the system, helping you to ultimately make any necessary changes to improve their buy-in and franchise validation.

  • Development of Marketing Strategies & Plan Templates for Franchises
    Winmark has five franchise concepts that have developed franchise marketing materials specifically tailored to each brand, including comprehensive plans that involve digital and social assets, media buying, video production, public relations, electronic advertising, and local marketing. As your franchise advisor, Winmark Franchise Partners will assist with reviewing and providing recommendations for your franchise development marketing materials.

  • Franchise & Business Management Training
    Winmark Franchise Partners has developed strong franchise management training programs. As your trusted franchise partner, we are able to translate this knowledge and systems to your franchise system.

Our strategy for improving operations combines effective business tactics and the goals of our franchise partners.

When you have a great business that hasn’t quite reached the level you want it to, partnering with Winmark Franchise Partners can be the push you need to get over this hump; call (844) 452-4600 today or contact us.

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