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How a Franchise Consultant Helps Your Business Grow

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The decision to franchise your business is one of the most important decisions you will make in your business career. Given the nature of the franchise contract, it is a decision you will be stuck with for at least ten years should you decide to move forward. Ensuring that franchising is the right growth vehicle for your company and that you are a good fit as a franchisor, is critical to determine before you make that final decision.

This is a decision that most entrepreneurs and business owners are ill-equipped to handle. They might be incredibly successful in their current business operation, but that is not a gauge to utilize to determine if they will be successful in franchising. In fact, often entrepreneurs make the worst franchisors because the skills that made them successful business owners are not the same skills they need to be a successful franchisor.

That is why business owners and entrepreneurs interested in franchising their business should seek the help of a qualified and experienced franchise consulting company. Franchise consultants can help determine if the business is right for franchising, if the entrepreneur is the right person to be the franchisor, and how and when the brand should look to capitalize on its growth using the franchise model. At Winmark Franchise Partners, we have almost 30 years of experience as a franchisor, having successfully grown five brands on our own, and know first-hand what it takes to grow a business from a single location to several hundred. If you are thinking of franchising your business, there is no better partner than Winmark Franchise Partners to help you get started and determine if franchising is right for you.

Start a Brand New Franchise

We help entrepreneurs and small business owners in making the decision whether or not franchising is the right growth vehicle for them. We have experts from many different industries in franchising and have decades of experience in helping small businesses grow through the franchise model, and our team can help you decide if franchising will work for your business model. If your business is a good fit, we will take you from start to finish in putting together a franchise program, from determining territories and fees to structuring the training and support and developing the manuals and documents your franchisees will utilize to run their franchise.

The bread-and-butter of franchising is building a systematized process by which others can execute your business model in their market and produce similar successful results. We get your business off the ground using our strategic franchise development services in which we help with every single step, including the following:

  • Franchise feasibility studies
  • Concept development
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Financial controls
  • Development of franchise infrastructure and support plan
  • Franchise sales development and growth
  • Marketing strategies
  • Funding and investment strategies
  • Developing successful exit strategies through acquisition

We ensure that you know exactly what to expect before we even get started. Some businesses may not be right for franchising. If franchising is the right fit for your business, you can receive help with financing, transaction services, due diligence support, strategic planning, and audits and compliance planning.

At Winmark Franchise Partners, we are dedicated to being more than just consultants. We are partners. We provide you with the keys to be successful, executing the steps and vision to franchise your business. Let us do for you what we have done for three decades: build brands and manage franchises towards success.

Call us today to get started.