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Posts from January, 2019

  • What Role Does Private Equity Play in Franchising Your Business? With the strong growth of the franchise industry , it’s no wonder private equity firms are looking closely at it for investment opportunities. From franchisors to multi-unit franchisees across all segments, private equity firms are increasing their role as a source of ... Continue Reading
  • Hiring an Internal or External Franchise Sales Team: What Are the Pros and Cons for Emerging Franchisors? Do you keep core operations in-house or outsource them? Regardless of size or industry, it’s a question that organizations face with respect to a number of business processes: marketing, accounting, human resources, legal and sales. For an emerging franchisor whose primary ... Continue Reading
  • When Is the Right Time to Develop a Franchise Advisory Council? As a franchisor, at some point your focus becomes strictly on growing the franchise system. If your brand is expanding steadily and healthily, you will no longer have time to communicate with each franchisee on a regular basis. Consider how difficult that becomes with ... Continue Reading