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Posts from October, 2018

  • Should Franchisors Invest in PR for Franchise Development Lead Generation? Should Franchisors Invest in PR for Franchise Development Lead Generation? Public relations can be a powerful way to spread awareness of your brand and the franchise opportunities available. From trade publications to high-level national business outlets, franchisors can get ... Continue Reading
  • What Results Can Emerging Franchisors Expect from Earned, Owned and Paid Media Your franchising efforts should include linked and thoroughly developed strategies for your earned, owned and paid media channels. Used together, they can help emerging franchisors achieve favorable results for consumer sales and franchise growth. Let’s review what each ... Continue Reading
  • What’s the Difference between a Franchising and Licensing Model? At first glance, the concepts are similar. But, there are big differences, too, which boil down to control. First, it’s important to know the definition of each: Franchising Franchising is a proven way to grow a business and provide goods and services through the franchisees ... Continue Reading
  • Are Vendor Exclusivity Agreements Right for my Franchise Brand? Advantages and disadvantages exist for entering into exclusivity agreements with vendors. For the most part, it depends on your franchise concept and where you see such agreements working in your franchise system for you and your franchisees. What is an Exclusivity ... Continue Reading
  • How to Create a Franchise in an Era of Online Consumerism Online consumerism is here to stay, and emerging franchisors need to learn how to compete in a world where at least 1.66 billion shoppers purchase goods and services online. Worldwide e-commerce sales are on an upward trajectory and are expected to be more than double what ... Continue Reading