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Posts from May, 2018

  • How to Set a Realistic Timeline and Budget to Start a Franchise Your business is doing well. All locations are profitable and operating efficiently. Employees are happy and demand is high. Competition is not a concern thanks to the differentiators you’ve built into your concept. You are eager to grow the brand and franchising makes the ... Continue Reading
  • Create an Emotional Connection to Your Franchise Brand Like all relationships, your franchise brand’s relationship with its customers is built on emotion. Without an emotional connection to the brand, you may have their business today, but you haven’t yet earned their loyalty or the right to their future business. Emotional ... Continue Reading
  • How to Identify a Great Franchise Management Service It’s not uncommon for business owners to stumble as they transition to franchisors. There’s a new business model to get used to, which includes selling the concept to franchisees in addition to selling products or services to consumers. But before even getting to that point, ... Continue Reading
  • Business Planning 101: Getting Organized to Franchise Your Business Business owners have a lot of planning to do before they get up and running with a new franchise venture, starting with developing a comprehensive business plan. A strong business plan includes several parts – such as a detailed startup timeline, budget and ideal development ... Continue Reading