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Posts from June, 2018

  • Which Types of Franchise Agreements are Right for My Concept? The type of franchise agreement that’s right for your concept depends on how you want to grow and how similar concepts in your industry are growing. For example, some concepts are better suited for multi-unit growth than others and should even consider it right from the ... Continue Reading
  • The Pitfalls of Growing a Franchise Brand Too Fast Growing your emerging franchise brand is good. After all, that is the beauty of the franchise model. But, it is possible to grow too quickly, which can have damaging effects. Slow and steady may be prudent, but you’ll avoid the common pitfalls of franchises that grow too ... Continue Reading
  • How Can Franchisors Anticipate Changes in the Industry? The franchise industry has become so competitive, franchisors are constantly seeking new ways to grow their brand beyond single-unit sales. Developing their concepts in order to attract more franchisees and differentiating from competitors is the new daily reality. And, they ... Continue Reading
  • Emerging Franchisors' Guide to Earned, Owned and Paid Marketing Channels Moving to a franchise model, for many brands, means revisiting their marketing plan. Franchise brands typically divide their marketing budgets along two lines: consumer and franchise development. Regardless of the audience, the channels emerging franchisors use to achieve ... Continue Reading