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Posts from August, 2018

  • What to Expect from a Franchise Consulting Firm Franchising is an attractive and rewarding way to grow a business. The number of franchised businesses has been on the rise since 2014, and the industry continues to outpace the rest of the U.S. economy . Franchising can have a tremendous impact on business growth – if done ... Continue Reading
  • How to Start a Franchise System in a Competitive Segment Franchising is hot. With the number of franchise locations in the United States increasing from 708,974 in 2014 to an expected 759,236 in 2018, there’s no doubt franchising can be a fantastic way to grow a business. But, because of that, competition in the industry – ... Continue Reading
  • The Most Common Challenges You'll Face in the First Year of Building a Franchise Business owners often envision rapid growth when they consider franchising. While franchising can lead to quick expansion, it doesn’t usually start off that way. Challenges lie ahead in the first year of franchising that may slow growth as you build your franchise if you do ... Continue Reading
  • How to Start a New Franchise Part I: Restaurant Industry The franchise industry is set to grow for the eighth consecutive year, fueled by tax reform, deregulation and an upbeat economy. Franchise establishments’ gross domestic product is forecasted to increase by 6.1 percent to $451 billion in 2018. Food and beverage concepts ... Continue Reading