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Posts from April, 2018

  • Top 3 Regulations New Franchisors Should Watch For When franchisees invest in your concept, they’re often investing a good portion of their life savings. Franchise regulations make sure these investors receive fair treatment from the franchisor – and they comply with the franchisor’s brand standards. As a new franchisor, ... Continue Reading
  • How to Guard Your Franchise Concept Against Copycats Even if you develop a one-of-a-kind concept, eventually copycats will try to steal your thunder – and your customers. To make it harder for them, it’s essential to invest in barriers that guard your market share and your revenues. Here are a few ways, in addition to ... Continue Reading
  • Emerging Franchisors’ Guide to Barriers to Entry: Branding (Part II) A franchise company’s brand is its most valuable asset. A strong brand not only attracts consumers and new franchisees, it deters competitors from gaining market share. When an entrepreneur enters the market with a smart, unique concept, copycats are quick to follow. A ... Continue Reading
  • Why Do I Need a Strong FDD? Your franchise disclosure document (FDD) may not be as exciting as your logo or slogan, but it’s the most important part of your brand as a franchisor. That’s because franchise candidates look to your FDD for the facts about your investment opportunity, and they use it to ... Continue Reading
  • Emerging Franchisors: Keys for Growth (Part III) Emerging Franchisors: Keys for Growth (Part III) In Emerging Franchisors: Keys for Growth (Part II) , we explored the importance of proof of concept and franchisee validation. In this article, we will discuss how franchisors create sustainable, healthy growth by supporting ... Continue Reading