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Posts from December, 2017

  • What’s Your Plan to Improve Unit-Level Economics for Your Franchisees? Is your system monitoring your franchisees performance? The best way to answer this question is by looking to unit-level economics, or the performance of individual locations within your system. It’s easy for franchisors to neglect unit-level performance, since their royalty ... Continue Reading
  • 7 Essential Aspects of a Franchise Training System for Emerging Franchisors The core of a successful franchise network is a strong training program. The more thorough and effective your training, the better you’re able to set your franchisees up for success. A training program must provide franchisees all the information they need to help their ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Expert Tips on Creating a Brand Standards Manual One of the most attractive aspects of franchising is that business owners get to work within a proven brand and business model, which eases the pressures of entrepreneurship. One resource that makes this possible is the brand standards manual. The brand standards manual ... Continue Reading
  • What Emerging Franchisors Need to Know About Multi-Unit Franchising Before Starting In recent years, especially since the Great Recession, more franchise brands have focused on expanding through multi-unit franchising . Selling more than one unit to a single franchisee is appealing for many reasons, including faster growth with fewer franchisees. Multi-unit ... Continue Reading
  • Where to Start Building Your Franchise Infrastructure The backbone of emerging and established franchises alike is infrastructure. Franchise infrastructure is the services extending from the franchisor to franchisees. A healthy infrastructure system benefits both parties. The franchisee operates efficiently thanks to a strong ... Continue Reading